SING NL is proud to launch our first Music and Video Camp in 2018. Following up on our amazing singing contest, SING NL brings you one 3 day session of music and video experience with Zack Werner, Greg Tobin (director of music production at Academy Canada) and filmmaker Roger Maunder.

Our instructors are Zack Werner (former Canadian Idol Judge, music manager, producer, songwriter and artist, owner of Zack Werner Idol Schools and head of SING NL). Greg Tobin (head of the recording arts program at Academy Canada, master guitarist and instructor, songwriter and vocalist) and Roger Maunder (president of Up Sky Films who has made videos for Emilia Curran, Shanneyganock, Fortunate Ones and many more as well as many tv shows and films).

The fee is $250 for the 3 days.  All sessions take place at the Arts and Culture Centre.